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Which is Better for Real Estate: Paid Ads or Content Marketing?

Individuals searching for a home utilize the internet as a primary resource; in fact, research shows that 90% of all prospective home buyers will use the internet in their search. This, combined with the understanding that one must spend money in order to make it has led to increased popularity…

The Importance of Hyperlocal Content in Developing Authority, Traffic and Leads for Real Estate Websites

One of the Most Important (and Successful) Marketing Strategies That Very Few Realtor Professionals are Using No one has to sell realtors on the importance of having a website; savvy agents already know that they need an online presence to access a very large online customer base and all of…

Is Responsive Web Design Required for Effective Content Marketing?

With the February 26 announcement from Google, that businesses have until April 21st to get their sites mobile-ready, we've received a lot of frantic calls and emails. More than 50% of internet searches now initiate from mobile devices, and it of course no longer makes sense for Google to send their mobile…