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Are you suffering from content overload?

Most business owners and staff simply don't have the time to learn how to research and write ridiculously valuable, high-converting content, week after week, to effectively reach their ideal customers.

If you've been following what's happening in SEO and content marketing over the past year, you've discovered that you're supposed to be publishing one to three epic posts each week in your blog, carefully optimize them, then distribute and promote those posts in social channels. ("Epic" means it's the best page on the Internet for the target keyword search term and topic.)

But it takes more than quality content. Content saturation has become a serious problem, so most people now rely on the recommendations of friends and trusted authorities before checking something out. Your brand needs the social proof of a community.

To enter visitors into your sales funnel you need to get them to landing pages that offer a "must have" white paper or ebook in exchange for a name and email address on your list. The money is in your list. So at least once a month you should be sending out a gorgeous HTML email to your subscribers, that provides more useful content and gently nudges your prospective customers forward in the sales funnel.

And then there's the static content. Most websites are in desperate need some love added to existing pages, to bring them to life. Every piece of content should move your reader one step closer to an action that makes them your customer.

Feeling a little overwhelmed? Our web copywriters can tame your content monster.

A managed content marketing plan

We go through a discovery process with you, to determine your objectives and goals, and who your ideal customers are. We then design a content strategy just for you and roll it out over the months that follow.

We will invest your monthly content credits where we believe they will provide the greatest return on your investment. Each month you will receive a report by email, covering the work that was done, and what's planned for the upcoming month.

8 Credits / Month


12 Credits / Month


16 Credits / Month


A la carte copywriting (for do-it-yourself content marketing)

Adding credits to your account gives you the content power of a copywriter on retainer — someone you can send any of your copy jobs to— with quick turnaround.

There's no need for a proposal or quote for each project; just check our list to see how many credits you're using up. For most 1 or 2 credit jobs, we can deliver the first draft within 24 hours, and have the final one to you within 48.

10 Credits

48 hour turnaround
7 days / week
Credits valid for 12 months


15 Credits

48 hour turnaround
7 days / week
Credits valid for 12 months


20 Credits

48 hour turnaround
7 days / week
Credits valid for 12 months


Credits List

1 Credit

• Case study (you provide source materials)
• 500 word blog post (you provide source materials)

2 Credits

• 500 word blog post, with up to 1 hr. research and on-page SEO

4 Credits

• 1,000 word blog post, stock image, up to 1½ hr. research, on-page SEO and social media distribution/promotion

6 Credits

• 2,000+ word long form article or post, stock image, up to 3 hr. research, on-page SEO, social media distribution/promotion